School of Dragons

School of Dragons blends together three fields — film, online games, and television — to create an immersive MMORPG gaming experience for youth, allowing players to interact, play, and learn with familiar faces from the hit animated film, such as Hiccup and his dragon Toothless. As players train their own dragons and become fierce Viking adventurers in the game, they will learn key concepts in the scientific method through activities based on earth, life, and physical sciences.

  • Development Time: December 2012 – Present
  • Released: July 2013 
  • Role: Senior Producer
  • Team Size: 3 Designers, 12 Programmers, 10 Artists.
  • Platforms: Steam, Webplayer, Windows App Store, Amazon Tablets, Google Play (phone/tablets), iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Fuhu, Standalone, Kongregate, VK.
  • ResponsibilitiesDavid was responsible for initial design concepts, monetization strategy, project planning from pre-production to release, and continuous product updates. David worked directly with Dreamworks Animation creative, digital strategy, and franchise departments to collaborate and approve game features, story, and educational content.

Awards, Articles and Accolades 

                            Gamasutra: The Art & Business of Making Games

School of Dragons: Inside Look Into An Evolving Game

“In mid-2012, JumpStart (a leader in educational gaming) and DreamWorks Animation (DWA) forged a partnership that has proven to be extremely rewarding. We were given the opportunity to work with DWA’s amazing brands and team members, and we ended up with dynamic products for the entire world to enjoy — one of them being School of Dragons, a 3D MMORPG based on the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) franchise.”
– Gamasutra

This amazing world of creativity is loaded with timeless exploration and exciting quests that you will find more than entertaining. School of Dragons offers you a virtual world of unimaginable fun as this game not only captures kid’s imaginations but it also is perfect for parents too. You will love the fun along with the scientific discovery that this game promotes such as using the Scientific Method.”
– Dragon Games Online



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