• One second every day (SED)

    In 2012 I saw a TED talk by Cesar Kuriyama. The philosophy is to record one second of every day, and splice them into a short video just a couple minutes long. Watching this video will remind you of every day of the past year. The objective of the project isn’t to capture that ‘perfect’ moment, but to record a moment from the day, that can trigger memories of the day itself. I found the idea very intriguing, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now (and yes i’ve missed days, but i don’t fret over it.) Since beginning  this project i’ve proposed to my wife, gotten married, and became a father to a beautiful baby girl. I could think of no better way to showcase who I am, than give you a sneak peek, even if one second at a time, of my life. Please enjoy, warts and all!