Fantastic Contraption 2

In Fantastic Contraption 2 players assemble contraptions with the goal of moving the level’s goal object past obstacles and into the goal area. Contraptions are built using various types of rods and wheels, may only be built in the workshop area, and must somehow get the goal object into the goal area by any means possible. Doing so wins the level. Players can play for free with a set of premade levels. In the past it was possible to gain the ability to create their own levels and play other user-made levels for $10.

  • Released: 2010
  • Role: Producer / Designer
  • Team Size: 2 Designers, 2 Programmers, 1 Artist.
  • Platforms: iOS, PC (Flash)
  • ResponsibilitiesDavid was responsible for various aspects of Production and Design for this title including writing the design document, managing IP relationship, keeping dev team on task and provide transparency and communication to company execs. David was involved in the early design process along with collaborating with the UI/UX. Since the game already had a large following David was on the ground floor of establishing community management as there was a lot of community hesitation to a larger studio picking up a small 1 person indie project that was widely successful. This was also David’s first foray into managing an ad revenue strategy for

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