JumpStart Virtual World

Since 1991, JumpStart® has set the bar for excellence in educational software for kids. After more than 15 years of providing some of the finest learning tools to children in both the home and the classroom, JumpStart® sought to further revolutionize children’s learning games. In 2008, JumpStart® launched JumpStart.com, transporting young learners to a virtual world characterized by an enjoyable educational experience. Through its innovative approach to bridging the gap between fun and academics, JumpStart.com has not only encouraged its players to prioritize education, but become excited to learn as well.

Once inside JumpStart®’s mystical virtual world, players have a seemingly endless number of activities to do:

  • Explore Italy and New York City alongside your favorite friends from DreamWorks’ Madagascar
  • Befriend and raise your own Mythie in the Enchanted Sanctuary
  • Buy stylish Threadz, sleek Ridez, and cuddly Petz DownTown
  • Customize your very own house in a neighborhood filled with your friends
  • Navigate an underwater world full of mystery in MarineLand
  • Jump into a magical land, learning charms and flying on broomsticks in Windy Hollows
  • Socialize with friends in clubs and penthouses in Poseidon’s Hangout
  • Watch the seasons change in JumpStart® as new holiday features and decorations reflect these festive transitions

These activities are only a glimpse of what players can do in JumpStart®! Whether they are exploring magical lands, embarking on thrilling adventures, raising their own Mythies, or meeting new friends, children are constantly practicing their math, science, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. While Windy Hollows exemplifies the whimsical magic within JumpStart®, the cool atmosphere of Poseidon’s Hangout might be more your child’s style. With so many exciting things to do in JumpStart®, your child will not want to stop learning!

  • Development Time: May 2011 – December 2011
  • Released: 2009
  • Role: Producer / Designer
  • Team Size1 artist, 1 programmer
  • Platforms: Unity webplayer
  • ResponsibilitiesDavid was for a few various small mini games and gameplay improvements during his first months at JumpStart Games, inc. Improvements to Player ranking system as well as a companion game to go with the Comic Book ‘Windy Hollows’.


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