The Impossible Quiz

It’s not the “difficult quiz”. It’s not the “really hard quiz”. It’s the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! The internet sensation with over 50 millions plays is now available in your pocket, anywhere!

inXile’s Sparkworkz, creators of Line Rider and Fantastic Contraption, present the highly original internet brain buster, the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! Forget the imitations and play the original. Stump your friends with the wacky logic puzzles, then post your genius on Facebook.

The rules are simple. Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the “questions”. It may sound easy, but will require quick reflexes, luck, and good old insane logic. While the majority of questions are multiple choice, there are plenty of surprises along the way. The main thing to remember is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

– Over one hundred questions, including classic originals and never before seen mind benders!
– Unique touch screen solutions!
– Facebook integration!
– A cat named Chris.

So how far can you get? Go ahead. Try it. We dare you.

Warning: May cause increase in blood pressure, involuntary outbursts, and fits of rage.

  • Released: Janurary 2011
  • Role:  Producer / Designer
  • Team Size: 1 Designer (Me), 1 Engineer
  • Platforms: iPhone and iPad
  • ResponsibilitiesDavid was responsible for porting and adding new features to the existing flash version. David lead production and Design for this product which included; new questions, touch functionality and design, as well as developer relations with original game developer for the Flash version.

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